About Us

Arbor Hills is the place we call home. The Arbor Hills subdivision began in December, 2003. It is the first village-style development in the University City area of Charlotte NC and is conveniently located near the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC), University Research Park, Concord Mills Mall, Lowes Motor Speedway, I-85 (Exit 46B) and I-485. When you talk about convenience, our community fits the bill.

We are proud to have a very friendly and diverse population that defines our strong community feel. We take pride in Arbor Hills and are proud to live here. Our Board of Directors have been selected from the Arbor Hills Homeowners Association and have the broad authority to adopt, publish, and enforce rules and regulations governing the Arbor Hills property. We always look for new ideas and ways to make our community safer, more secure, and an asset to the University area.

New to the neighborhood? The Arbor Hills HOA wants to welcome you to our community! We invite you to review this website, look for a committee that fits your interests and get involved.

Board of Directors

  • President, Sanjay Khurana
  • Secretary, Jasleen Kohli
  • Association Manager, Sarah Ziegler
  • General Committee Member, Vaneet Dahiya

If you need to contact the Arbor Hills HOA Board of Directors, send your email to Contactus@arborhillshoa.com.


  • Nextdoor Network: Neighbors across Charlotte are using Nextdoor.com to share community events, items for sale, crime reports, ideas about how to improve our neighborhood and more. You can also track down a trustworthy babysitter, get the word out about a break-in, organize a neighborhood garage sale, ask for help finding a lost pet and to plan for an emergency.Join the Arbor Hills group Nextdoor.com.
  • Yard Maintenance : All residents are urged to keep their grass neatly cut and edged.  Weeds shall be removed from yards and flower beds. Tree support strings shall be removed from established trees. Mulch shall be properly placed around tree trunks and in flower beds. Shrubbery and trees shall be trimmed and maintained. The HOA regularly inspects yards for compliance with rules and guidelines. Violations are subject to fines.Let’s keep our neighborhood clean and beautiful. Click on Carolina Lawns for instructions and tips for lawn maintenance or contact Landscape@ArborHillsHoa.com
  • Animal Waste : Please be courteous to your neighbors and pick up waste left behind by your pet.  Please do not take pets into the swimming pool, tennis courts, or child’s playground areas.
  • Home or Lot Changes: Unless exempt, proposed exterior changes or additions to your home or lot require prior approval by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).  Click here for the required form or email the contact at Architectural@arborhillshoa.com.
  • Security Cameras and Lights have been installed for our Pool, Playground, Clubhouse, and Tennis Court areas.
  • Parking:  Please comply to the parking rules as per the rules and regulations.
  • Pool Access Card Required: Your pool access card is required to enter the pool area. Please do not ask the pool attendant or life guard to circumvent the rules regarding access to the pool area. Replacement cards are quite expensive therefore protect your card and keep it in a secure place.
  • Get Involved! We need you to be a part of an Arbor Hills committee or Board. Click here (Feedback Form) to let us know if you would like to help.
  • Extremely loud noises at night can be a nuisance for your neighbors. Please be sure to observe the city noise ordinance at all times.
  • Youth have been seen climbing the pool and tennis court fences and damaging the property signs and the perimeter fence. If you witness this, please call 911 and report this to the police.