Clubhouse Rental Agreement

(After rental completion please fill out the Cleanup checklist form)

Please mail the $50 Rental Fee check and $200 Deposit check to Hawthorne at PO BOX 11906 Charlotte NC 28820 (704) 377-0114, FAX (704) 347-4475 mentioning Homeowner name and address on the memo portion of the check.

Upon receipt of this electronic form and the physically mailed deposit and rental fee check, the reservation will be confirmed. Please mention Homeowner name and address in the memo portion of the check.

The rental fee is $50 and refundable deposit is $200. Please send them as separate checks. If the clubhouse is left clean and undamaged then the deposit check will be mailed back to the Homeowner otherwise the amount needed to clean and repair the damages will be deducted and remaining amount, if any will be sent back.

Please read and follow these instructions carefully:

The clubhouse facilities may be rented for private parties sponsored by Arbor Hills homeowners. All clubhouse rentals are limited to the hours of 8:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. with a maximum attendance of 15 people. An adult over the age of 25 must be present. The clubhouse is a non-smoking facility and the Arbor Hills Homeowners Association, Inc. reserves the right to grant or deny rental of the clubhouse. In scheduling use of the clubhouse the Association events shall take precedence over the private parties. The sponsoring homeowner(s) must be present for the duration of the party. (If the pool is going to be used in conjunction with the clubhouse for your event, a lifeguard will be required to be on site for a total of 10 guests or more.)

If any alcoholic beverage is served, homeowner(s) must provide proof of host liquor liability insurance with a combined single limit converge of $1,000,000 with respect to injuries, deaths or damages. This may be accomplished through a general liability or excess liability (umbrella) rider to the homeowner's policy, or through a separate policy, provided that the rider or additional policy specifically covers host liquor liability. Proof of such insurance must be delivered to the Pool/Clubhouse Committee at least one week prior to the clubhouse rental or this rental agreement is subject to automatic termination by the Association.

If any alcoholic beverage other than unfortified wine or beer is served, or any alcoholic beverage is sold, homeowner(s) must also obtain a limited special occasion permit or such other permit required by the North Carolina ABC Commission.

After the rental is completed please, clean the clubhouse and submit the electronic checklist to receive back the deposit check.